Practice Overview

Practice History

In early 2001, I moved to New Orleans, Louisiana from Gulfport, Mississippi and began working as a tax and audit staff for a local New Orleans C.P.A. firm, Kushner LaGraize, L.L.C. Not long after, while talking with some new friends, one of them brought up some issues he had with his tax return that he had been self-preparing for years. After spending a few minutes with him and reviewing several years of returns he had filed, I immediately saw the problem that had resulted in leaving literally thousands of dollars on the table. While the IRS is always quick to point out when you owe them more money, they rarely do the opposite!

financeMy friend’s case illustrated a really important point to me…there are a lot of people who want more service and experience than you may find with some of your ‘big box’ seasonal tax preparation businesses but who don’t need all the bells and whistles (and more importantly, the fees!) that go along with your larger, more traditional C.P.A. firms. People are literally being squeezed out of the middle, either forced to pay larger fees than necessary or maybe settle for less than ideal service and experience, or even worse, attempt to navigate the tax code on their own. 

In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina (“Katrina”) deeply affected me like most others along the Gulf of Mexico. While I lost almost everything I owned, Katrina did open a new door for me by introducing me to the new, growing field of Forensic Accounting, which in this case included calculating economic damages for businesses also affected by Katrina. I used this new experience to eventually advance my career to the level of Senior Manager of Consulting Services at a regional C.P.A. firm, LaPorte Sehrt Romig Hand.

During the summer of 2010, I made the commitment to devote myself full-time to growing my practice, incorporating my decade plus of experience in tax and accounting with my more recent litigation and forensic accounting experience. My goal is to provide large firm experience and expertise with small firm personalization and individual service. My client base currently encompasses more than 160 clients, across multiple states, spanning many professions and industries including attorneys, physicians, manufacturers, contractors, and restaurants.

Practice Philosophy

Over the years, having worked for various local and regional C.P.A. firms, I have learned from and worked alongside a number of really great professionals in their fields. Along the way, I have tried to learn what has worked really well for these firms as well as listen to things that clients say they would like done better. From these lessons, I have developed several basic principles that I run my practice by:

I will never surprise bill you. 

My goal is to always discuss fees with you before doing any work so that you will never receive a bill out of the blue for some amount you aren’t expecting.

I will always be the one doing your work.

You will never be faced with having me sell you on my services and then pass you off to someone else you have never heard of or met with.

I will never claim to be able to do everything. 

If I believe I lack the experience or qualifications to provide the services you need, then you will be the first to know and I will do my best to put you in contact with the right people.


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