Contrary to how many C.P.A. firms, law practices, and other professional services operate, I generally do not charge by the hour. Whenever feasible, I operate on fixed-fee engagements and will always discuss a potential range of fees when undertaking an engagement. These fixed fees cover, in addition to the primary engagement, ancillary services of unlimited telephone calls and email support throughout the engagement. This accomplishes two primary goals:

  • It gives the client a clear understanding of the fees they can expect; and,
  • It encourages clients to call and email with questions without fear of then getting surprise bills.

While no two clients are the same, and there will always be exceptions, 95 percent of my clients are charged according to the following rates:

Fixed-Fee Engagements

For my most common tax services, my fees generally range:

Individual Return
$200 - $750 per return

Business and other
Non-Individual Returns

$300 - $1000 per return

Payroll Returns
$100 - $300 per return

Hourly-Fee Engagements

For certain services and engagements that may not always lend to strict fixed-fee engagements, my hourly fees are:

Bookkeeping Services
$50 per hour

Accounting/Tax Services
$100 per hour

Litigation and
other Forensic Accounting Services

$150 per hour

Monthly Retainer Engagements

For some clients and engagements, it makes more sense to retain my services on a monthly basis, paying a monthly retainer that covers specific services that would be outlined in the engagement letter.

Monthly retainer amounts currently range from $250 - $1,250 per month, depending on the scope of services.


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